So I know most of this website is just here for the pictures (because who reads anyway?) But I did want to throw a page on here for the writing stuffs that I do. My main focus for writing is children’s books, but I also write scripts and am working on a graphic novel. I also do a terrible job at maintaining a blog (shameless plug: theperksofbeingaunicorn.blogspot.com) and I occasionally write content for other websites. Like children’s books? Good. Here are the blurbs for the two my sweet sister and I made.



Raccoon cub Belinda wants to be just like her brother Bandit, but she can never be strong and brave and sure of herself like he is. But when an owl snatches Bandit, it’s up to Belinda to think on her paws and overcome her fears to save him.

BANDIT AND BELINDA is a 630-word story that proves there are things worth being afraid for. I love stories that have a moral without feeling like, “this is a lesson book.” I want to create books that help readers become smarter, stronger and more empathetic people; that all starts with the first books kids come in contact with to hook them into reading.


1 cover color 6x9


Ferret brothers Farley and Flint want nothing more than to see the world. But how do two small ferrets get from the middle of their forest to the beaches of Mexico or all the way to the North Pole? Why they jump in a hat of course!

2 FERRETS IN A HAT is a mini series of books with each story averaging about 250 words. See Farley and Flint make their way to the depths of the ocean and to the edge of the universe. No place is out of reach with your imagination in one hand in your best friend in the other.






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